Fluchtpunkt Nizza Fluchtpunkt Nizza (2005) Drama, Thriller, Krimi, LiebesfilmEin Mann und eine Frau treffen sich zufällig im Zug, sie verführt ihn und er verfällt ihr gnadenlos. Was er nicht weiß: Die unbekannte Schöne ist die Geliebte des polizeilich gesuchten Wirtschaftskriminellen Anthony Zimmer, die ihn als Köder in einem verwirrenden Spiel benutzt. Es beginnt eine rasante Verfolgungsjagd durch Nizza, mit falschen Fährten und listigen Lockvögeln. Doch wer ist eigentlich Anthony Zimmer? | Helix 2. Sezon | Making a Murderer
The Amazing World of Flyingfish

If you travel the open ocean anywhere in the tropics, you are very likely to see flyingfish. These beautifully colored "ocean butterflies" shoot out of the water and sail on majestic, winglike pectoral fins to escape from predators such as dolphins, swordfish, and tuna. Some can travel for more than six hundred feet per flight. Yet despite their prevalence in warm ocean waters and their vital role in the tropical food chain, surprisi...

Britain's Hoverflies: A Field Guide, 2nd Edition

Britain's Hoverflies is a beautifully illustrated photographic field guide to the hoverflies of Britain, focusing on the species that can be most readily identified. It is the perfect companion for wildlife enthusiasts, professional ecologists and anyone else with an interest in this fascinating group of insects, and is designed to appeal to beginners and experts alike. Accessible, authoritative and easy to use, this book contains hu...

Whales and Dolphins: Cognition, Culture, Conservation and Human Perceptions

Whales and dolphins are icons for the conservation movement. They are the most conspicuous ambassadors for entire marine ecosystems and possibly even for the biosphere as a whole. Concurrent with our realisation of impending threats to their environment is a growing scientific understanding of the social and cognitive complexity of many of these species. This book brings together experts in the relevant diverse fields of cetacean res...

101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog

International bestseller with over a half-million copies in print in 18 languages! This beautifully designed book features step-by-step instructions with easy to follow color photos of each step. Each trick is rated with a difficulty rating and prerequisites to get you started quickly. Tips and trouble-shooting boxes cover common problems, while "build-on" ideas suggest more complicated tricks which build on each new skill. Tricks ra...

What About Labrador Retrievers

Are Labrador Retrievers generally healthy dogs? How much does it cost to keep a Lab? Can I keep my Lab inside, or do I need a yard? That little Labrador Retriever puppy is so adorable-but is he the right dog for you? Many prospective dog owners don't ask the questions they should when deciding to bring a new puppy home. Now, the What About? series is here to help you understand the real-life implications of your decision, saving you ...

101 Dog Tricks, Kids Edition: Fun and Easy Activities, Games, and Crafts

Yes, kids can train dogs! With over a half-million copies in print, the original 101 Dog Tricks is a proven success. Now, 101 Dog Tricks: Kids Edition brings you the same successful methods, tailored especially for kids. This book features full color step-by-step photos of every trick, making it easy to follow along. Real kids are featured in the photos, actually training dogs-- you can do it too! Many tricks are simple enough that y...

Valuing Animals: Veterinarians and Their Patients in Modern America

Over the course of the twentieth century, the relationship between Americans and their domestic animals has changed dramatically. In the 1890s, pets were a luxury, horses were the primary mode of transport, and nearly half of all Americans lived or worked on farms. Today, the pet industry is a multibillion-dollar-a-year business, keeping horses has become an expensive hobby, and consumers buy milk and meat in pristine supermarkets. V...

The Bee: A Natural History

Bees pollinate more than 130 fruit, vegetable, and seed crops that we rely on to survive. Bees are crucial to the reproduction and diversity of flowering plants, and the economic contributions of these irreplaceable insects measure in the tens of billions of dollars each year. Yet bees are dying at an alarming rate, threatening food supplies and ecosystems around the world. In this richly illustrated natural history of the bee, Noah ...

Was ist was?, Bd. 115 - Bären

Welche Bärenarten gibt es und wo leben sie? Halten alle Bären Winterschlaf? Wie orientieren sie sich? Im WAS IST WAS Band 115 Bären berichtet Zoologe Dr.Udo Gansloßer über Grizzlybären, Pandabären, Waschbären und viele weitere Groß- und Kleinbären. Er erklärt, warum Eisbären ohne Probleme bei Minustemperaturen leben können oder warum nicht alle Bären in Höhlen wohnen. Eine Fülle von Informationen über Lebensraum und Lebensweise diese...

Finding Gobi: The True Story of a Little Dog and an Incredible Journey

Like A Street Cat Named Bob before it, Finding Gobi is a truly heart-warming story for animal lovers worldwide…. In 2016, Dion Leonard, a seasoned ultramarathon runner, unexpectedly stumbled across a little stray dog while competing in a gruelling 155-mil e race across the Gobi Desert. The lovable pup, who earned the name 'Gobi', proved that what she lacked in size, she more than made up for in heart, as she went step for step with D...